Looking for the best gift for yourself or another? Look no farther then one of my handdrawn colored pencil or pencil drawings

About Me

Personal drawings at your fingertips!

Sent me a few pictures through jeff@jeffsdrawings.com to get me started on your masterpiece. All orders are done in the order recieved. People, animals, pets, the skys the limit! 

About me

I live in beautiful Washington state with my wife of 12 years. I have been drawing for most of my life and find that I am always improving with each one I draw. I attended the Art Institute of Seattle. I like few things more then to touch a persons heart with a portrait, be it a pet or family members both here and departed. I work a full time job so please give me reasonable time to make the artwork.

Its a Forever Masterpiece!

The Sky is the limit! Have the perfect picture but the person isnt smiling? Want a group photo but dont have one? I can take multiple photos and combine them or do the photo exactly like you want it. Please leave any instructions you have with the photos at jeff@jeffsdrawings.com

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Enjoy Your Drawing!

I hope you enjoy your masterpiece as much as I enjoy drawing them

Jeff Hempel


11x14 hand drawn artwork


($75.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

$50 down then $75 plus shipping once finished (which includes a frame). Once comfirmation of payment is comfirmed I will ship your drawing to you for a total of $200. Shipping is extremely expensive for artwork. If you live on whidbey Island or close I can waive $50 of the shipping fee if you are willing to meet. $25 is for the frame. For a total of $150.00

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